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PM429-2 - Ballard PC/104+ A429/717 產品

        The PM429-2 product line supports maximum data throughput and simultaneous operations of all ARINC 429 and ARINC 717 channels. Notification of databus activity is handled through the on-board Event Log, which can be processed by polling or via a PCI interrupt. To dramatically reduce the host CPU processing, the sequential monitor has a DMA mode that automatically moves records to host memory through PCI bus mastering.

       Users can develop their applications using the included BTIDriver? API. With only a few function calls, a program can operate the PM429-2 and process messages to and from the avionics databuses. Functions include routines for transmitting, receiving, scheduling, recording, data manipulation, and time-tagging bus messages. Although most tasks require only a few API calls, the comprehensive API library includes a broad range of functions for specialized needs. BTIDriver? API software drivers are included for Windows? and Linux?. Other drivers are optional.

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PC/104-Plus compliant

  • Up to 4 ARINC 717 channels

  • 16 Avionics discrete I/O signals

  • IRIG A/B PWM and AM synchronization

  • Easy to use software interface


  • Larger number of discretes for additional flexibility

  • BTIDriver?A wide variety of configurations


ARINC 429 receive channels speed may be set by the user or defined through automatic speed detection and independent label and SDI filtering. Transmit channels may be independently set for standard low or high speed bit rate (12.5 or 100 Kbps). Each transmit channel automatically maintains accurate label repetition rates and are capable of driving a full 20 standard ARINC 429 receiver loads. To support data transfer protocols, aperiodic words may be transmitted without altering the timing of periodic words. All channels can be monitored independently or by using a channel/label filter. Messages can be captured by a sequential monitor buffer for the entire interface. The  API provides for automatic scheduling of labels based on transmission rates, making it straight-forward to implement transmission schedules from an ICD or migrate from third party products.

ARINC 717 Channels

The PM429-2 offers two transmit and two receive ARINC 717 channels. Each ARINC 717 channel is independently configurable through software for Harvard biphase or bipolar return-to-zero operation. Sub-frame data structures are used to transmit and receive from the ARINC 717 databus. In addition, super-frames can be enabled with configurable counter location and number of frames per super-frame.

PM429-2 Order Numbers

ARINC 717 Channels 0R/0T PM429-2/201
- 16R PM429-2/211
- 12R/4T PM429-2/221
- 8R/8T PM429-2/231
- 8R PM429-2/241
- 4R/4T PM429-2/251
- 2R/2T PM429-2/261


  • PM429-2/260          
  • PM429-2/250          
  • PM429-2/240          
  • PM429-2/230          
  • PM429-2/220          
  • PM429-2/210          
  • PM429-2/201          
  • PM429-2/261          
  • PM429-2/251          
  • PM429-2/241          
  • PM429-2/231          
  • PM429-2/221          
  • PM429-2/211          
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